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Your Personalised Journey to Toe-To-Top Wellness

A New Era of Personalised Healthcare

Dr Ros Miller
Founder of Foot-Doctor

Restore 6-month plans are designed to not just treat the symptoms, but to support every aspect of your well-being.

It is my personal mission to ensure that we provide comprehensive care that aligns with each individual's unique path to wellness

  • Nutritional Analysis, with MSK Health Check

  • Hormonal Balance

  • Fitness and Exercise

  • Mindfulness and Psychological Wellness

Your trust in us is the foundation upon which we build a plan that not only restores your foot health but also aims to rejuvenates your entire being.

Your recovery is our passion, and your well-being is our promise.

3 Pillars of Wellness

Work, rest or play, your feet move you forward

Nutrition & MSK Health

Monitor vital nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium which can strengthen your feet and improve bone health.

Step confidently into a healthier lifestyle with dietary tips and supplement advice, tailored to boost your foot health from within.

Hormonal Balance

Detailed hormonal analysis, to identify specific changes affecting your musculoskeletal system.

Tailored for both women and men, designed to adapt to your unique hormonal profile. Strengthen your bone density, improve joint health, and maintain muscle strength.

Mindful Wellness

Chronic pain can wear down your mood and mental health.  Managing foot and ankle discomfort can lead to a more positive mindset and overall wellbeing.

Blend mindfulness techniques with cognitive exercises to improve emotional balance and reduce stress.


The Foot-Doctor Philosophy

I started Foot-Doctor to put you back in control of your journey!

 Restore is your personalised 6-month health plan, intricately designed to combine the latest in regenerative medicine with a fully personalised wellness regimen.

Our approach addresses everything from physical rehabilitation to mental fortitude, ensuring your steps are steady, strong, and sure.

Each therapy is selected based on a thorough assessment of your condition,
ensuring a perfect fit for your path to recovery.

Learn techniques to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and promote a healing environment within your body.

Comprehensive hormonal assessments and treatments to rectify imbalances, optimising your regenerative capabilities and overall health.

Keep a vigilant eye on essential health markers that influence your recovery and well-being and develop strategies to strengthen your mental resilience alongside your physical recovery.

Composite Care

Navigate you personal health landscape, selecting the diagnosis and treatment combination, timeframe, and price point that aligns with you individual circumstances and goals. 

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